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   August 2019   
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Truckstop Ministries

Interstate 40 is one of three major routes going East to West and it passes through northern Arizona.  It is a major trucking route for deliveries to California as well as from California to the East Coast.  It runs from Sanders through Sun Valley, Holbrook, Winslow and Flagstaff.  There are in excess of 10,000 trucks that pass through these towns every 24 hours and it has become the site of some exciting ministries at the truck stops along the route.  In 1998, with the Lord’s leadership and assistance from the State Convention Office of Church Evangelism, the Association started its first Truckstop Ministry at the Pilot Travel Plaza in Winslow.  The following year we established a ministry at the Texaco Express Travel Plaza on the west side of Holbrook.  That same year, 1999, we opened a Truckers Chapel which is located on the east side of Holbrook at Hopi Travel Plaza.  We also brought on staff Chaplain Duane Trudgeon and his wife Agnes to provide a full-time spiritual guidance to the drivers that spend their days on the road.

Currently, we have one chapel, “Desert Pines Chapel” located in the parking lot at the Hopi Travel Plaza. We are blessed with drivers that come through and share their joys and sorrows with us and give us the opportunity to share Jesus and salvation with them, but also for the “born-again” drivers and their families traveling with them, encouragement and guidance for their spiritual growth and walk in the faith. In 2011, we had 431 attending the Chapel and special functions.  We also had several professions of faith in Christ and many more rededication and recommitments to a closer walk.

In the twelve years that the Chapel has ministered to the drivers and their families, again with the help of the State Convention Office of Church Evangelism and Baptist Senior Life Ministries, we have provided a Driver Appreciation Day; Drivers Health Fair Day and a Drivers Christmas Day Dinner.  It all has to do with reaching the driver that does not have the time to stop anywhere for fellowship and worship.  We try to provide them with everything that they may miss because they are not at their home Church.If you feel that you would be interested in helping with this type of ministry for the Lord’s work, call the Association office and they will put you in contact with Chaplain Duane.

or call Chaplain Duane directly at: